The sustainability challenge


How to change assessment in education systems in ways that remain sustainable over time.

Who are the members of IEAN?

Countries across the globe attempt to align assessment policies and practice with the aims of their curriculum and intended learning experiences and outcomes; as they do so, they seek also to ensure that development of assessment is aligned with and informed by research, policy and practice. In this endeavour, small nations and states potentially have much to learn from one another. Membership of IEAN currently includes researchers and policy makers from: Canada (British Columbia and Ontario), Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Queensland (Australia), Scotland, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland and Wales.


The learning challenge


How to realise the potential for assessment to enhance learning for every young person in every school and classroom.

The information challenge


How to gather information about how education systems are performing nationally in ways that do not have a negative impact on what happens in schools and classrooms.

The futures challenge


What examinations might look like in future to match more closely ideas of what matters for learning in the 21st century.

Building positive assessment futures

The vision and work of IEAN


IEAN brings together international research and policy experts from small nations and states to share evidence from research and practice, to generate new ideas and to tackle long terms problems in educational assessment.  The network provides an open, safe and collaborative space in which new thinking is driven by four areas of challenge: sustainable assessment systems, assessment for enhancing learning, the use of assessment information and assessment futures.  The work of the network is currently focussed upon assessment and learning progression, the use of assessment data, assessment cultures and Covid-19.